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Multi-Layer Beehive Puzzle

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This beautiful handcrafted Wooden Beehive Puzzle is an amazing learning toy for your little one. This puzzle looks just like a beehive from the outside and when the top layer of honeycomb puzzle pieces are removed, your little one will find another layer of puzzle pieces in the shape of 3 unique types of bees as well as a depiction of the process in which larva transforms into a bee. This is a great toy to teach your child about nature, highlighting its beauty and complexity. Your child will be amazed at what they find just below the surface. This toy is one in a series of multi-layer nature-oriented learning puzzles we carry. 


Endless opportunity for creativity and imagination, logic training, and problem-solving. Develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills. Stimulates desire for learning and curiosity. Introduces learning about nature focused on bees and their life cycle. Stimulates a desire to learn about the natural world that surrounds us.

  • Material: birch wood, plywood, water-based paint
  • Size: 9 X 8 X 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Age Range: 3 years & Up
  • Warning: Adult supervision is recommended. 

Keep in mind that the colors and patterns of the wood may vary.