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Safe. Unique. Handmade toys.

Safety is our top priority. Our organic top quality wooden toys are uniquely designed for little explorers, knowing that everything ends up in their little mouths. Our handmade wooden toys are made with LOVE by our talented craftsmen. We are wooden toy store that offers handmade wooden toys for sale.


Only the best for our children

  • Safe

    Non-toxic baby toys. Eco-friendly. Made from all natural wood and coated with a safe composition of linseed oil and beeswax. Wooden baby toys made in Europe in accordance with the highest standards.

  • Natural

    Only Natural Eco friendly materials are used: wood, linseed oil, beeswax, natural grains of buckwheat, water-based paint or food-grade dyes. We sell only the best quality wooden toys.

  • Durable

    High quality. Built to last. Carefully crafted by hand, they are meant to be passed down through generations. Great variety of classic wooden toys, wood toys for toddlers and organic wooden baby toys.

  • Educational

    Through their simplicity, wooden toys inspire children to imagine and encourage creativity. Designed to be touched and explored. Educational wooden toys for toddlers are the Best!