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Wooden Toys for Babies

Babies love to play with toys that are bright colors and most go in the mouth at some time so the toys have to be safe and non-toxic. All the PoppyBabyCo toys are painted with German Biofa natural eco-paint which was crafted especially for toys and it’s safe for young ones at any age. I love the PoppyBabyCo wooden toys for babies because they are all handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Europe and all organic natural wooden toys.

The wooden toys are suitable for different ages and a great way to teach young children with their learning toys and puzzles, they even have teething toys for those pesky teeth coming in. With no electronic parts or batteries, there is nothing to break and your child while having a toy that will last!Wooden Toys for BabiesWooden Toys for Babies

My great-granddaughter just received the most adorable little wooden fox with wheels! Lia is just about 8 months old and very inquisitive about everything now. She was so interested in the wheels and how they went around when she rolled them with her hand.

Wooden Toys for BabiesWooden Toys for Babies

Foxy is also a perfect size for little hands and easy for her to pick up and play with. Check out Lia and Foxy in this video! She hasn’t got it down to rolling on the floor yet but I’m sure within a few tries she will have Foxy rolling all around the floor with her.

Safety is the most important thing with babies. Wood is safer than plastic or metal, it is durable and has a long lifespan so these adorable toys can be passed down through generations. Wooden toys also encourage imaginative play, without electronics or batteries, the little ones can use their imagination and play with them how they want to! They help with hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills since there are no buttons to push. While Lia doesn’t quite have the coordination to roll this cute little toy yet, I can see she has the idea so I give her a few more times playing with Foxy and she will have him rolling along on his wheels!

Wooden Toys for BabiesWooden Toys for Babies

When Lia’s package arrived, she was excited to see what was inside. It was packaged so well and was wrapped with a little string bow and sticker! has great safe, educational toys and I’m happy that Lia received one. I’m sure she will be adding to her collection of Poppy Baby Co toys!

This is another short video of Lia figuring out how Foxy rolls!