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Handmade with Love (& lots of wood!)


Handmade with Love (& lots of wood!)

When you have a baby – 101 people have suggestions on just about EVERYTHING. It can be super overwhelming as parents trying to decide what products are best for our littles and what we feel comfortable bringing into our homes. I know for me personally, I never really cared about what went into a product until becoming pregnant. From there on out, I looked into everything from shampoos and cleaning products, to foods and details of our pillow cases.

Now that my little girl is here, it is especially important to me that (for the most part) she is exposed to toys and products that are safe, stimulating, and satisfactory in mamas eyes! There are so many factors to take into consideration when picking toys and teething products out for our babies:

Is it safe?

Is it naturally made? chemical free? ethically sourced?

Is it stimulating for my ever learning little babe? Is it going to help her develop basic  learning skills?

Is it durable?  because lets be real, children aren’t always the easiest on their toys.

PoppyBabyCo – “Learn through Play”  checked all of these must haves off with flying colors! They’re extremely safe for our littles – handcrafted and coated with beeswax and linseed oil, because the mama who designed the products know that everything ends up in our littles mouth. Alongside safety (obviously) another one of my favorite features of her products are their durability. Being the sap I am, I love the fact that her pieces are made durable enough to be handed down for future generations. They’re also extremely educational, so play time can be intellectually stimulating as well! When first discovering this amazing little shop, I thought they only had teething toys and rattles for infants, but after discovering more of their site, I soon realized they have a huge range and line of toys designed for age groups up to 8+ (but honestly, even I enjoy their toys!).

It's so satisfying as a mother to have found a brand that surpasses my safety and educational expectations with lying colors – knowing I can let my daughter play without the concern of unsafe chemicals or lack of stimulation.

highly recommend  @poppybabyco