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Benefits of traditional Wooden Toys

Nowadays there are a variety of different toys in toy stores. But as parents, it’s up to you to decide what toys you want your kids to play with. As for me, I choose for my baby to play with classic, organic, wooden toys.

Before we get into the details of traditional wooden toys, lets quickly touch on how children, specifically toddlers, learn best:

  • Stimulating parent-child interactions
  • Environments filled with language
  • Toys or practical life activities that are engaging and encourage sensorial learning.

So, what are the benefits of traditional wooden toys?

Educational and Inspiring

Children learn and express themselves through play. Educational toys can help them develop important abilities, discover who they are, and find out what they like. For example, children can experiment with physics by building different structures with classic wooden blocks or learn about geometry by manipulating the toys to create their own geometric patterns.

Waldorf toys can help children learning through play by engaging head, heart, and hands with natural wooden, eco-friendly, and handmade toys.

Benefits of traditional Wooden Toys

Natural and Non-toxic

We make sure that our products, as well as our production processes, are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Our toys are made of high-quality, natural beech wood and are produced entirely in Europe and Eastern Europe.

Safe for babies and toddlers

Safety is our top priority. Our organic toys are uniquely designed for little explorers, knowing that everything ends up in their little mouths. For example, organic baby toys are the best wooden toys for toddlers. They are handmade with love by our talented craftsmen. Wooden toys usually do not have any sharp ends or edges, especially those that are manufactured by the top craftsman, which means that your children will not be able to hurt themselves while playing with them.


 Wooden toys are sturdy and durable, often lasting for a very long time. They can be passed down from child to child making them a great investment for large families.


Wooden toys are trendy in their own right. In fact, they have been trendy for decades, if not centuries. Your grandparents and great-grandparents were learning with wooden toys when they were young and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can also learn with wooden toys.

Less distracting

When children play with wooden toys, they supply all the voices, alarms, and other sound effects, rather than listening to the toy. This allows children to be in control of what they do with the toys and to keep their minds clear as they think through different scenarios or solve problems.

Improve hand-eye coordination

Because of their more basic shapes, wooden toys also help children build hand-eye coordination. Activities such as building towers out of wooden blocks, carefully placing the pieces so the towers don’t topple over, or threading a string through a series of wooden beads, require children to pay attention to distance and placement.


Not only wooden toys will not pollute your home with chemicals, but they also won’t pollute your home with a lot of noise. While this lack of noise keeps kids from being distracted, it also provides parents with the quiet they so often need during the day.


Wooden toys come with their own aesthetic appeal. Those with bright colors can add a bit of positive energy to the learning process, even if they’re just sitting on a shelf.

Benefits of traditional Wooden Toys

We can also say that wooden toys have a pleasant weight with natural textures. This allows the child to be a sensorial learner and creates a very enjoyable and tactile experience.

 Traditional classic wooden toys have been around for centuries and they have many advantages compared to the flashy modern plastic versions.

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