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Are Wooden Toys Safe for Babies?


Are Wooden Toys Safe for Babies?

Wooden Toys for Babies: Yes or No?

In short: yes. Wooden toys are the safer option for babies when it comes to wood versus plastic. Wooden toys have been around for many years and were the toy of choice until recent years.

In fact, the first plastic toy was created in the late 1800s. However, plastic toys weren’t solidly introduced until the 1930s. Before that time, all toys were made of natural materials such as wood, cloth, and metal.

Nowadays, plastic toys account for the majority of the toy market, due to demand. But remember, that wasn’t always so. Now, the growing popularity of natural, eco-friendly, organic toys is bringing wooden toys back into stores once again.

Why is this so? Well, some could argue a few different reasons for this change, but one important factor is safety. Plastic toys are full of toxic chemicals that are extremely harmful to babies and children. Research has linked these harmful chemicals to quite a few health disorders. A few of these dangerous chemicals are phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You can read more about the disadvantages of plastic toys here.

Wood is a natural product and it’s perfectly safe for baby toys. But instead of leaving it there, let’s dive into this topic a little bit more. Let’s look at what makes wooden baby toys safe and what to look for when purchasing them.

What woods are safe for baby toys?

The safest woods for baby toys are hardwoods. Some types of hardwoods are:

  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Poplar
  • Ash

  • Hardwoods are the safest option for wood baby toys because they are the least prone to splintering. When sanded smooth and finished with non-toxic oil, a baby toy made out of hardwood can be the perfect educational teething toy.

    All wooden toys are not created equal, so when choosing wooden baby toys, remember to read the description, how they’re made, and what types of products the company uses.

    At PoppBabyCo, we only use non-toxic, eco-friendly materials for our wooden toys. All our wooden baby toys are created from hardwoods. The safest option for babies is unpainted wooden toys, so our baby toys are finished in non-toxic oil, such as linseed oil or beeswax.

    We support fair trade by working with skilled artisans who carefully and lovingly hand-carve each and every one of PoppyBabyCo’s toys. You’ll find that all our wooden toys have been painstakingly sanded smooth to remove any sharp edges or splintered bits. This is because the safety of our children is our top priority. 

    Can you wash wooden toys for babies?

    Wooden toys can be washed and sanitized as needed. Did your little one spit up on their wooden toy, or drop it in the dirt? Are they teething and spending their entire playtime gnawing on their teether? No problem; simply wipe it down with a wet cloth. Washing wooden toys is very simple and doesn’t require purchasing any special products.

    Water and soap or vinegar are all that are necessary for washing wooden baby toys. Because they’re wooden, you don’t want to submerge them in water, as this can cause swelling.

    For general cleaning, a damp cloth with water will do the trick. For dirtier wooden toys, you can make a mixture of soap or vinegar and water. Use a rag to clean the toy with the mixture. In some cases, you might need a soft brush to scrub stubborn dirt.

    Wooden toys are naturally antimicrobial, so it’s not necessary to clean them on a daily basis. Honestly, this makes your life much easier, right? 

    Are wooden baby toys worth it?

     We believe so. Yes, they can be a bit pricy, especially when compared to their plastic counterparts. Believe me, I know it can be hard to spend twice as much on a wooden toy for babies.

    But these beautiful, expensive heirloom wooden baby toys are so worth it for a couple of reasons. 

    1. They are an investment. Yes, really, truly! Wooden toys are worth every penny because they don’t lose their value, and they last for a very long time. You’ll be able to use them for generations to come.
    2. You’re paying for skilled workmanship. This isn’t always the case — think mass-produced wooden toys that are made in China. But when it comes to small wooden toy shops that ask higher prices, you’re paying for the skill. You’re paying for the dedication of an experienced woodcarver, an artist painstakingly adding detail… and those workers are being paid a fair wage.
    3. Quality over quantity. When it comes to wooden toys, less is more! There’s no need to have all the newest, brightest, noisiest toys around. Your little one will be happy with an eco-friendly rattle, like this one, as it’s designed to entertain, teach, and inspire, all in one. Because many wooden toys are open-ended, there’s no need to have a lot of them. This saves money in the long run and creates less mess in the playroom. Which — let’s be real — makes your life simpler!
    4. Wooden toys are much better for the environment. Wooden baby toys are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and natural. 

    Above all, allowing your baby to play with a toy made out of natural materials gives them the opportunity to enlighten their senses. They can feel the different textures of wood, feel how it’s cool to the touch when first picked up, and how it warms under their fingers. They can smell the fresh wood, or the natural oil rubbed into it. 


    How much better does that sound than handing them a cold, unyielding plastic rattle full of toxic chemicals?

    What are the best natural baby toys for my wooden toy collection?

    So, maybe you’ve decided you want wooden toys for your baby, but now you’re not sure what to choose. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

    Here are a few of our favorite wooden baby toys from PoppyBabyCo:

    Our wooden rattle teether carved in the shape of a moon is a popular toy. Made out of beechwood and grains of buckwheat, this wooden baby toy makes a soft, harmonious rattle and is perfect for swollen teething gums. This wooden moon promotes learning through shaking, grasping, throwing, or chewing.

    Our wooden rattle teether seahorse is another favorite of customers. Made out of beechwood, this wooden baby toy has three rings on it that make a lovely natural sound when shaken. This toy can be a comfort during uncomfortable teething and is also educational.

    This mushroom with screw toy is an adorable educational toy for babies. While it’s the perfect size to hold in little hands, it’s also full of educational benefits that will grow with your little one.

    This stacking pyramid is such a fun toy for babies and toddlers alike! It’s made from five types of wood and finished with linseed oil. This classic remake is a perfect first toy for your little one as they can become familiar with the shapes introduced. 

    Each of the toys listed above promotes learning through:

  • problem-solving skills
  • logical thinking
  • motor skills 
  • visual-spatial reasoning 
  • attention to detail
  • cause and effect
  • object performance
  • hand-eye coordination
  • grabbing skills

  • And so much more! Shop PoppyBabyCo’s wooden baby toy collection for more quality toy options. Remember, shipping is always free in the U.S.!