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Are Wooden Toys Safe for Babies?

Filling your baby’s nursery with exciting and stimulating toys to play with is one of the best parts of shopping for your new addition. Yet, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to what’s safe for your child. For example, you may have heard about BPA and PVC, two of the chemicals both commonly found in plastic. A lot of parents look to avoid the chemicals altogether by opting for wooden toys. However, not all wooden toys are created equal. Here’s what you should know when selecting safe wooden toys for your nursery.


What to know about wooden toy safety

Wooden toys are safe for babies. However, you should always purchase hardwood and ensure that the surface is smooth. Splintered wood can present a hazard to your child (especially a baby who puts toys in their mouth!).

Generally speaking, wooden toys made in China are not safe for babies because of lead paint and other hazards. Although quality wooden toys may be a financial investment, they are worth it. They’ll withstand the test of time and last longer than cheaper plastic or wooden toys that break easily and put your baby at risk.

What are the benefits of wooden toys?

Wooden toys are a simple and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic toys that litter store shelves. As long as you invest in quality wooden toys, you’ll have them for years.

  • Sustainable: Compared to plastic toys, wooden toys are an environmentally friendly option. They are made from an organic and biodegradable substance that can be recycled.
  • Educational: Classic wooden toys include puzzles, building blocks, and miniature construction sets. These can help your child learn numeracy, literacy, motor skills, and problem-solving from an early age.
  • Durable: One quality you’ll want in your child’s toys is durability. Toys that are most loved by tots are often the most worn. Invest in those that can withstand a few scratches or scuffs.
  • Social: As wooden toys do not make sound or provide interaction themselves, they encourage children to supply their own voices and collaborate with those around them. This makes them inherently social toys and promotes sharing and teamwork among their peers in social settings.
  • Promote imagination: Technology has encouraged toys to have an abundance of noise and colors. Yet, simplicity also has its benefits. When you take away all the bells and whistles, you provide a child with the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity instead of relying purely on the toy.
  • Safety: Plastic toys are often cheap and prone to breaking. When this happens, your baby is exposed to sharp edges or small parts that can be harmful. Sturdy wood toys are less prone to breaking and therefore less risky.

Where should I buy wooden toys?

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