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Wooden Airplane plane Push Along Toy

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Watch your child soar through the air with their imagination with this classic wooden airplane. This handmade wooden toy is carved from 4 different kinds of solid wood making it a very special toy for little ones. The body of the airplane is made from oak wood with moveable wheels and propellers. Airplane Wings made from ash wood, wheels from birch wood and propeller from beech wood. It does not have any sharp edges or corners and is absolutely safe for your child. A great toy for your little one to learn through play! It promotes dexterity, adventure, creativity, imagination and storytelling in your child. Keep your child dreaming big with this classic Wooden Airplane Push Along Toy!


Improve fine motor skills, such as grasping and hand-eye coordination, promote creativity and imagination. Exercise gross motor skills, social & emotional skills. It helps to develop speech and language skills. It also helps build strength, balance, and confidence.

  • Material: oak wood, ash wood, birch wood, beech wood
  • Size: 4.6 X 3.7 X 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Age Range: 2 years & Up
  • Warning: Adult supervision is recommended. 

Keep in mind that the colors and patterns of the wood may vary.