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Why wooden toys over plastic?


Why wooden toys over plastic…. like seriously WHY? No wonder this question pops up in every parent's mind when they see the price of wooden toys. Plus, plastic toys are all around us, the market is so saturated with plastic toys that are made in China and they are much more affordable. Hmmmmmmm, sooooo true! So again, why wooden toys over plastic? Let’s figure it out together.


Environmentally Friendly


We all love our planet and natural things, especially, when it comes to our babies. Every parent wants only the Best for her child, with a focus on organic and all-natural things when their baby is born. Well, first and the most important difference from plastic toys is that wood is an environmentally friendly material and of course 100% natural. It is soft and warm to the touch, providing an invisible connection between the child and nature. Plastic is chemically produced and often times include toxic materials that can be harmful to the environment and our babies. Wood is an eco-friendly and sustainable material that is far better than plastic in so many ways, making it a big win-win over plastic toys.


Durable and made to last for a long time


Second, wooden toys are so classy. They carry so much love and have a story behind them because of the hand-craftsmanship and care that goes into each toy by the talented woodworkers and artists. So much love and care are put in each and every toy before it reaches your child’s hands. That’s one of the big reasons why each wooden toy is so special. Plastic toys are mass-produced in large factory settings, where most often quantity takes priority over quality, and that’s why plastic toys are so much more affordable. Wooden toys are designed to last for many, many years, and to be cherished and shared.

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Spark the imagination

Most often classic wooden toys are very simple without flashing lights and motorized parts requiring batteries. Wooden toys are known for sparking imagination and creativity in children’s minds, where plastic toys are usually stuffed with batteries and fill children’s minds without leaving any space for a child’s own incredible thinking power. No wonder Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio's educational methodologies all use wood as the main material for the toys used in their approaches to learning. It’s so much easier to spark a child’s interest in toys that require imagination and creativity. Wooden toys are just so perfect for little dreamers.

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Great investment

Yes, you got it right! Think about it as an investment every time you purchase a new wooden toy. I know, I know it’s expensive but when your child is done with them you will be able to sell it almost at the same price or even more or pass them to the next generation, how special is that?! Crazy, huh? There are so many parents’ groups or seller websites that put wooden toys in high demand. The biggest perk is that it’s not only a smart investment of your money but it’s an investment in your child’s future! Your investment will benefit the developing minds of little ones for a very long time.

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Disadvantages of wooden toys

Any disadvantages of wooden toys out there, you ask? When we speak of wooden toys we refer to those that are made from responsibly sourced wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. We also refer to wooden toys made from solid wood and usually by small family-owned wood shops, where the values of always using child safe materials have been passed down through generations. However, parents should pay attention to which paint and finishes a wooden toy maker uses in the finishing process, especially wooden toys designed for infants. The best wooden toys for infants are all-natural, without paint, and finished with food-grade oils. The bottom line, the only disadvantages to wooden toys can be in the methods used to finish them. Look for toys crafted by small-batch woodworkers and artists that put in the care and effort to sand each piece so that it is silky smooth and finished with non-toxic paints and/or food-grade oils.

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